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A prerequisite when organising a successful conference or meeting is to ensure a peaceful and beautiful setting.

Nowhere could you be more assured of this than at a Landhotel, at the heart of the scenic Austrian countryside.

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Seminare und tagen in den Landhotels in Österreich

A conference or meeting at a Landhotel is synonymous with perfect organisation and stress-free days. To ensure your conference is a success, it is necessary not only to have the right rooms available, fully equipped with all modern presentation and communication technology, but also to have this within a comfortable environment which allows for relaxation once the hard work has been done. The ideal work-life balance is easier to achieve at a Landhotel than amid the hustle and bustle of a busy city.

After a tiring day, filled with discussions, working groups and new assignments, your attendees will have earned themselves some time off to relax. Whether this takes the form of a generous wine-tasting session in the hotel cellar, nordic-walking in the countryside or a round of golf is entirely up to you, your preferences and your requirements. Landhotels offer a wide variety of leisure activities so that you can ensure the time outside the meeting rooms is used in a meaningful manner.

Team-building sessions, which can greatly increase cohesion within working groups, can also be arranged should you wish. The countryside location of our hotels is of course a perfect playground and many possibilities are on offer.


Seminare in den Landhotels

The provision of the necessary infrastructure is absolutely vital for your away-day conference and meetings to be a success.

A minimum requirement for all our conference hotels in the countryside is to provide at least two large conference rooms, alongside smaller working areas where group work can be carried out. It goes without saying that all trainers and presenters can rely on the necessary technical equipment being provided free of charge.

To help you with the organisation of your conference or meeting, and to ensure that all runs smoothly on the day, you will be allocated a personal contact at the hotel who will advise and help you every step of the way. An additional benefit of holding a conference in the countryside is that there is plenty of free parking for all attendees.

LANDHOTELS guarantee the perfect setting for any conference or meeting.
• A minimum of 2 conference rooms
• Additional working areas for group work
• Training equipment free of charge
• Modern technical equipment
• Individual conference packages
• Free parking
• Personal contact to assist with organisation prior to and on the day
• Healthy catering
• Leisure activities
• Flexibility in terms of catering and facilities


Food and drink do not just keep body and soul together, but they can also help to create a positive working atmosphere. Our chefs know the responsibility they hold in making your event a success. They are therefore able to cater for individual dietary requirements and understand just how important it is to be flexible in terms of timings.

All of these advantages are available at fabulous value for money. Costs per person for a conference event at a Landhotel begin at 38 Euros per day, which includes room hire, lunch and two coffee breaks. This ensures that it isn’t only your guests who benefit from the advantages of a conference in the countryside – but that your bottom line does too!

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